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The 9/14 poll decision.

Australia’s Prime Minister yesterday pronounced Saturday September 14  the date for the next federal election. No one, bar the independents, and the party inner-circle saw this coming at this time, in the first week of parliamentary sitting for the year. … Continue reading

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Chris’s concerns for South Australia Chris Kenny, The Australian, January 26, 2013 South Australians don’t like to have their state berated, even by one of their own, but Chris Kenny does make some valid points. South Australia receives more than its fair share of … Continue reading

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SA’s budgetary prudence?   The SA State Treasurer Jack Snelling has ruled out allocating $2 million to acquire new public artworks. He explained that there were greater community needs to be met. The $2 million saved will only be a small contribution towards … Continue reading

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John Blaxland explains his new Australian flag design    

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The Brendan Jones Flag Proposals

This is such an elegant flag design. It recognizes Australia’s aboriginal heritage in a very beautiful way. Then there is recognition of our British roots in the red, white and blue. Finally it focuses on our new and independent status in the … Continue reading

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The Losing Alternative Vision for the Royal Adelaide Hospital

  Prior to the 2010 election the SA Liberal party put an alternative plan for re-development of the Royal Adelaide Hospital on its present site next to the Medical School, University of Adelaide, IMVS, and the Hanson Research Institute. The University … Continue reading

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The New Royal Adelaide Hospital – A cancer of the coffers! What will be the cost of palliative surgery?

    Picture: Chris Mangan, Adelaide Now, January 14 The visionary new Royal Adelaide Hospital, designed to set an unparalleled standard of excellence in medical facility and care for South Australian public patients, is already becoming an imposing structure in … Continue reading

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The escalating state debt

Moodys, Standard & Poor’s warns SA State Government’s annual interest bill could hit $750 million by 2015 A study by analysts Standard & Poor’s also warns of gross debt rising to as much as 95 per cent of state … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Craig Hill Training Services:
Wayne Swan New figures revealing the average time spent on the dole is two years undermine Wayne Swan‘s claim that the Newstart allowance is a “temporary payment” between jobs. The figures, released through…

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Aboringals denied compensation for Maralinga radiation exposure by British Courts. Seven atomic bombs were detonated at Maralinga in the 1950s and ’60s on land that has since between handed back to traditional owners. The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement employed legal firm Hickman and Rose to pursue a class action … Continue reading

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