Malcolm Turnbull – a leader who can keep his cool.

Donald Trump giving the finger, sort of.

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull was sworn in as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia by the Governor General Peter Cosgrove after a ten vote leadership ballot victory on the 14th September 2015.

Despite winning the 2016 double dissolution election on July 2 albeit with a majority of only one seat, it has been the losing Labor leader Bill Shorten who has been feted for his performance whilst the impeccably credentialed Turnbull has  received nothing but criticism and gratuitous advice.

The latest attack on his performance came this week when Australia’s innovative move to conduct the 2016 Census on line became a debacle. When you are the PM, must you be responsible for every government cock-up?

The journalistic outcry has been incessant, particularly the respected “The Australian”. Should Malcolm Turnbull be expected to deliver the Nirvana Donald Trump is promising to the voters of the United States when not even God is able to side with every disparate interest?


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