Happy (political) days are here again!!

Don’t you just love political intrigue!

This is Peta (Incredible) Credlin.

She has the Libs in a spin They are already fighting over her; and she is not yet even in Parliament.

She is revered as a “fierce political warrior”, and is touted as a future champion of the Liberal “Dries”.

Watch out for her in the coming months. She stands for more generous superannuation concessions for the most wealthy, more coal for all, and more money for all Catholic schools. And, Down with Turnbull!! Shorten is preferable.






This gay fellow is the life of Canberra, South Australia’s Christopher Pyne! Don’t you just love him! He is a leading “bed-wetter”, and thinks he is on the side of the winners, to the irritation of the conservative Conservatives. Watch out for him. He was Minister for Education, but is now Minister for Defence Industry!





This is the Liberal Leadership duo Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison, (apologies to the absent Deputy Leader Julie Bishop). They look a little dreamy don’t they? Imagining life without Peta to worry about; and not too concerned about the alternative prospect I think.





Then there is the Prime Ministerial come-back kid, the likeable larrikin, Tony Abbott. Watch out for him. He just might get moved on.



Tony Abbott





Keeping quiet and growing in stature, is the discrete Anthony Albanese, representative of the Labor talent waiting delightedly in the wings.





Urging the contestants on whilst the audience grows and the dollars roll in, are media giants Sky News, and Newscorp.







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