It’s different this time Tony!

Tony Abbott’s contentious undermining of The Coalition’s Energy plans on Sky News Media 18/09/17, is both intentionally ignorant and mischievous. To him it is unconscionable that the party that so vocally exploited the Carbon Tax slogan in the 2013 federal election should now deviate from its pro-coal rhetoric to embrace the transition to renewable energy power generation.

There have been some superbly written articles criticizing his outburst, one of the best being that written by Richard Denniss and published in the Sydney Morning Herald September 23, 2017.

Another was written by Katharine Murphy in the Guardian.

Abbott’s triumphant attack, cheered on by sympathetic media interviewers, overlooks the advances in energy generation and storage of the past four years. It was more a kangaroo court of Malcolm Turnbull, than a balanced journalistic appraisal of the way forward for the welfare of the nation. Fortunately it is parliament, with its checks and balances, that enacts legislative change.

Factors not considered for example:

There is a global swing away from Coal to other forms of electricity generation. e.g  In the UK, where in 2015, 46% was generated from clean energy sources such as wind, solar (25%) and nuclear (21%). The UK government wants to phase out coal-fired power stations by 2025, and in 2015 power sourced from coal fell from 30% the previous year to 22%. Gas provides about 30% of UK electricity.

By 2020 90% of electricity in Canberra will be from renewable energy sources.

Click to access Renewable-energy-brochure_ACCESS.pdf

South Australia intends to supplement its substantial renewable energy power generation with a new gas-fired, not coal, power station.

Solar panels enable those who can afford to do so, to be independent in electricity, and indeed to contribute to the national electricity grid.


I have never thought of Tony Abbott as a vengeful person but how else do you explain his constant attacks on Malcolm Turnbull? I can only think that he is playing a role to support the political careers of others. Perhaps for Peta’s sake, but for Pete’s sake, I wish he wouldn’t.

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