Welcome precious little “Seb”

Sebastian Curtis Scott Joyce was born on Monday April 16, 2018 at Armidale Public Hospital, the son of former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his former staffer Vikki Campion. He is doubly precious, as the only son to Barnaby, and as a child to Vikki after she had been told that she might never conceive.


Lovely Baby Pictures and his story can be found on “now to love” in the link below.


Bella Brennan’s article, written June 04, 2018 is titled:

Meet Sebastian Joyce: Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion’s baby son.
He’s Australia’s most talked-about baby… And he’s just beautiful.


I welcomed what I thought was a tactfully presented Channel Seven interview on Sunday Night,  of Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce, presenting their perspective on the unfortunate predicament their liaison has created. They have been widely and severely  censured for their relationship and for accepting payment for this appearance, but I believe they are justified to do so, in return for baring their souls to the nation.

The programme ratings were not as high as had been anticipated in view of their high profile over an extended period, but still over one million viewers tuned in,  perhaps more out of curiosity than anything else. Or was it voyeurism? For me there was no pleasure in witnessing the discomfiture of Australia’s former Deputy Prime Minister, and his former staffer, but I felt deep sympathy for them in their endeavours to balance their religious scruples with their ill-considered, but very human, predicament.


An important issue their story raises is the question of abortion, especially for those of the Catholic faith.  I admire them for respecting the life of their embryonic son when a timely abortion would have allowed them to keep their affair private, and would have avoided the harsh criticism and humiliation they have received. Their reward however is baby Seb to cherish and nurture.

The next issue Barnaby Joyce will face is whether to divorce his wife, contrary to the teachings of the church. It he does not, how can he adequately support Vikki and Sebastian? I would hope that Barnaby and Vikki will be supported by both the public and the church as they work out this no-win/ no-win situation for themselves.

The Republic of Ireland May 25 2018 referendum on abortion provides hope that democracy will prevail in the Catholic church; and that the hierarchy will soften their traditional anti-contraception, anti-abortion and anti-divorce stances that have imposed tortuous choices on their adherents. Might the church not make a distinction between ideals to strive for, and reality?

The approximately 4.8 million, predominantly Catholic, population of Ireland has long suffered from strict adherence to these moral codes, braking rather than uniting marriages, creating poverty for many, and leading to a massive exodus from Irish shores.










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