What concerns you most today? Every day is different. Important issues come and go. Our  pre-occupations tend to be very much ego-centric. Our relationships. Our successes. Our sense of achievement. Our health. Our adjustment to getting old. How we make ends meet on our income. Our leisure and entertainment. The success of our sporting teams.

Beyond ourselves however are significant community issues, issues which do not always impinge directly on our own lives, but arouse significant public attention. Issues such as the plight of the boat people; the adequacy of treatment for mental illnesses, cancer and heart disease; the deaths of aboriginals in custody; the safety of taser guns; blatant examples of injustice, hypocrisy and discrimination; the adequacy of our educational system; the abuse of children. The Technically Speaking blog has already tackled some of these issues.

Blogs such as this provide ordinary Australians with an opportunity to express their viewpoints, and contribute to important national debates.

4 Responses to About

  1. Garry says:

    http://www.mysharetrading.com/ has a few extras to TBF that I like…
    e.g. lists of companies in the same general field but not necessarily in the same CICS group.
    Stay happy
    1putt (Garry)


  2. oneputt2013 says:

    Ken my email is below. I don’t want to contact via FB. Could you contact me direct please? I’ll send you my other contact details


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